Garena Free Fire Introduced New Mode "Resurrection" in the Game

Hello Free Fire players, Garena Free Fire is here with an another New Mode in the game which will make the game more interesting for you. This New Mode will be known as 'Resurrection' mode. So now there will be one more option name 'Resurrection' along with Ranked Game, Classic, Death Uprising etc. when you will go for choosing the game mode.


This New Mode has been started and will be only available to play till 09 June, 2019. But it is only available to play in 'Bermuda' map only. And also this New Mode is only available to play as Solo, not available to be played in Duo and Squad.

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In this New Mode 'Resurrection' every player will get two chances to fight and survive till the last one stands, which means everyone will have two lives. It can be noticed on the screen that "Someone killed Someone" but the number of alive players is not getting decreased, the reason behind that is simple, Everyone has two lives. The number of total alive players will start getting reduced only when a player gets killed second time.

If the player gets killed for the first time then he will get respawned after 12-15 second. He will reappear in the sky and then he has to jump at a place. He can even select the area where he want to get respwned. After getting respawned instead of running here and there for the loot he can even loot his own crate, if the enemy have left something or have not looted it. If the player kills an enemy for the first time he will get one kill, and if he kills the same enemy again he will get the second kill, So two kills can be obtained by killing a single enemy twice.

But the respawn feature works only before the last safe zone. If someone dies in the last safezone then his game is over by his first death only. If a player survives till the last safe zone without getting killed even for a single time then his Maximum HP gets increased by 150. So now if two players are alive in the last safe zone, in whom one has used the respawn feature but the other did not then the latter one will have 150 more HP than the other. For example, it will get 200+150=350. So the latter can bear more damage as compared to the other player.

Enjoy this New Mode in the game before it gets end on 9 June, 2019 and share your experience with us in the comment section below.

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