Magic: Manastrike now has Two new Planeswalkers

Magic: ManaStrike

Magic: Manastrike in their new update has launched two new Planeswalkers this falls in place with new Vivien Season. This addition comes after one month of their previous update which also added two new characters. One of the two Planeswalkers is Vivien Reid. She is a green aligned ranger who can summon the spirits with … Read more

Magic: ManaStrike RTS Game Has Been Released For Android And iOS

After the pre-registration period, Netmarble has released it’s real-time strategy dueling game ‘Magic: ManaStrike’ for both Android and iOS devices. This game puts you in the control of planeswalkers, and you aim to defeat all your opponents using the cards available in front of you.  Your goal is to defend your planeswalker as well as destroy your opponent’s planeswalker, … Read more

Magic: ManaStrike Fast-Paced RTS Is Available For Pre-Registration On Android

Netmarble has started taking pre-registration of its fast-paced Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game ‘Magic: ManaStrike’ on Android devices after its initial release on iOS devices. This game puts you in the control of a ‘planeswalkers,’ and you aim to defeat your opponent by forging your strategy using all cards in front of you. Magic: ManaStrike is similar to Clash … Read more