Arcane Quest Legends - How to Get Arcane Stones

Arcane Quest is a classic fantasy hack n' slash game that focuses on action, exploration, and replayability. Set in the mystical land of Auria, where three kingdoms fight for power and glory, you are the young hero destined to change the course of the future! 


This straightforward and quintessential action RPG game incorporates turn-based battles against fast, brutal enemies that will test the limits of your abilities as a warrior. And only if you're skilled enough to find them you may proceed to the next stage.

However, before you actually dive into playing Arcane Quest Legends, there are some things that you should know about the game if you want to make the most out of it. Check out the guide below!

  • Explore the Realm of Auria in a New Action RPG
  • Choose Your Class
  • Hundreds of Quests
  • Weapons of Your Choice
  • How to Get Free Arcane Stones
Arcane Quest Legends - How to Get Arcane Stones
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Explore the Realm of Auria in a New Action RPG

Arcane Quest from Nex Game Studios is a revolutionary game that combines the classic hack n' slash genre with innovative new gameplay mechanics. It's the fourth game in the Arcane Quest Series mobile games. However, the other three are strategy games, unlike this one. 

Arcane Quest Legends - How to Get Arcane Stones
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No two battles will be the same with a charming art style and over-the-top characters. You are given control of your own movements, fighting techniques, and spells as you explore dungeons and defeat enemies. 

Every battle is rewarding and features many enemies that require careful planning and strategy to bring down your enemies. When you adventure into a dungeon or new location, be on the lookout for enemies that can attack you. 

I've found that you don't necessarily have to fight them. When you walk by, monsters will seem to chase you, but they won't actually follow you if you just keep going. So, you can walk past monsters if you're in a hurry to complete a quest. This is called "intentional passing," and it's an option only if you don't attack the monster.

Advanced 3D Experience and Soundtracks

In this game, you will enjoy a full 3D view of your character, explore dungeons and wilderness areas, gain levels, and fight enemies. You can explore various locations on foot or horseback and take part in challenging battles and quest situations while experiencing breathtaking 3D graphics. 

The game also features some really great music that perfectly fits every situation. This makes playing Arcane Quest Legend a fantastic experience, especially if you like games that have good soundtracks! 

And it's all offline—no internet connection required! You can download the game from either the Google Play Store or Apple App Store

Choose Your Class

Unlike other games that predefine classes for you, you can choose your own fate in Arcane Quest Legends. This means the sky is the limit when making your character. You can be a pure class wizard, ranger, warrior, or have the traits of both!

Arcane Quest Legends - How to Get Arcane Stones
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You will play as one of four different characters of your choice: a warrior with excellent melee skills, a mighty archer, a wizard that focuses on casting powerful magic spells and healing, or a rogue skilled with daggers who can use sneak attacks and camouflage while invisible. 

So choose your character, venture into the world, collect powerful gear, and prepare to fight against hordes of enemies! There's an advantage to having the ability to make your own decisions

For example, if you want to follow a more passive strategy and upgrade your stats or skills, you can create a mage, a magic user, or a blacksmith. Or, if you want to focus on being an aggressive attacker, you could be a knight or an archer.

Customize Your Characters With Stats

When you defeat enemies, you can level up and obtain new skills and gear that further allow you to customize your character as you see fit. The important thing to note is every time you level up, you get five stats, and you can choose the ones that perfectly fit your character. 

In Arcane Quest Legends, you can choose from four attributes: strength, dexterity, intelligence, and constitution. Strength is associated with melee damage with weapons like axes and swords. Dexterity is how fast you move and how flexible you are.

Intelligence translates to magic you use in the game. And the constitution is for health. For instance, if you are a wizard, you can use your stats to amplify your intelligence. If you are a warrior, you can max yourself out with strength. 

Hundreds of Quests

With more than a hundred quests available in-game, you'll never get bored. Every Quest has a unique goal and feature yet still feels like part of a greater whole. From 'finding the entrance to the cave' to 'exploring the dungeon,' there is always a new quest waiting for you!

Arcane Quest Legends - How to Get Arcane Stones
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Every time you advance a level, you get one skill point. So you can either choose a new ability or enhance the one you already have. This customization of skills helps you turn your fantasy character into an excellent ol' monster slayer.

If your mission fails when the hero dies, you can revive yourself by spending the in-game currency or return to the last checkpoint. If you'd like, you can even restart the Quest completely. 

Use Potions in the Quest

Potions can help you out during the journey, allowing you to heal and renew your magic energy. There are two kinds of potions in the Arcane Quest Legends. These are HP and Mana, which you can drink by pressing the corresponding key on the right side of the screen. 

You can buy them in the shop in town or find them by smashing open crates or killing enemies. HP potions will help restore your health and give you a fighting chance against the monsters. If you're not one to kill monsters, just like I am, you'll want to keep some HP potions handy in case you have to.

If you prefer spam casting your skills, Mana potions will prove helpful to you. Always be ready to use a Mana potion if necessary because it can save your life if you die.

Weapons of Your Choice

There are three weapons to choose from when you create a character: the sword, the bow, and the wand. Each weapon has strengths and weaknesses.

Arcane Quest Legends - How to Get Arcane Stones
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If you choose a word, you'll be following in the footsteps of a warrior—someone who fights with melee weapons such as axes. The bow will let your character attack from a distance and do melee damage.

If you choose a word, you'll be following the path of a magician, casting powerful spells that hurt your enemies from afar. 

If you enjoy wading into enemy fire, the sword is your preferred weapon. When you want to defeat enemies at a safe distance from them, use the bow or wand. No matter what weapon you use, you're sure to have fun!

In-App Purchases

You can play the first act of Arcane Quest Legends entirely for free, but if you love it, purchase the second and third acts to continue the gripping tale of this adventurous experience.

I was happy that all IAPs are optional and do not affect the gameplay. So, completing the mission entirely depends on you and not how much you can spend on buying weapons and armor sets. 

Instead, you can simply use Arcane magic spells, solve challenging puzzles, and defeat menacing enemies. 

How to Get Free Arcane Stones?

There are many different avenues to explore if you want to find Arcane Stones. First, you can collect them by completing quests, defeating enemies, and opening chests. Another way is that you can sell items, weapons, and resources gathered while in dungeons to other players or some of the NPCs in town. 

Arcane Quest Legends - How to Get Arcane Stones
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However, there are ways to possess the precious Arcane Stones for free. I learned these over a period of time, but they are worth it. 

When advertisements pop up in the middle of the game, we hate it. But what if you could watch the 30-seconds of an ad at your choice of time and get free goodies?! On the lower right-hand corner of your screen, you'll find an option to receive these great extras totally for free.

Tap "Like" on the game's Facebook page, and you'll be given 1,500 Gold and two Arcane Stones! You'll find the option on the bottom right part of the screen, which you can just tap to claim. Isn't this the simplest way to snag some freebies?

How Can You Use Your Arcane Stones?

Aarcane Stones can be used to purchase equipment and other valuable items in-game. They can also be used to enhance weapons or buy additional lives if you die during the battle. 

You must know where to find them because they can make or break your chances of winning each fight!

Arcane Quest Legends - How to Get Arcane Stones
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One thing that I would like to change about the game is that we have to swipe at the top of the screen and rotate the camera very slowly. This can be annoying because it takes time. I think having a joystick to control the camera would be much easier.

I hope you enjoyed this comprehensive look at the game that's been the talk of the town as well as the tips and tricks to help you get free Arcane Stones along your way in Arcane Quest Legends. Give these a try, and you will have an even better time playing this action-packed mobile game.