Might & Magic: Dynasty by Ubisoft Gets Partially Released

Gaming giant Ubisoft Entertainment has semi-launched a new game for their widely famous PC series ‘Might & Magic’ to the mobile platform. The title is Might & Magic: Dynasty. The Role Playing Action–Strategy title is available to download for free in five countries. Users from Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, Philippines, and Canada can download and play this game for free. Ubisoft has done this closed release in order to test for bugs before the global release. The original Might & Magic game was released in 1986 and this game will be the fourth installment of a Might and Magic game on a mobile device.

Official trailer for the game

Might & Magic: Dynasty - Features

This is yet another Action-Strategy RPG from Ubisoft. Following are the features of this title:

  1. Real-time Strategy game with medieval war setting.
  2. Become a powerful lord on Ashan, a gorgeous fantasy world waiting to be explored and conquered.
  3. Join a faction with unique attributes and city styles. The three factions available so far are "Haven, Dungeon and Stronghold"
  4. Wide selection of troops and 21 different characters from the three different factions.
  5. Different ways to approach the same task. Multiple strategy routes.

First Impressions of the game

The game has gotten mixed reviews upon this partial release. While players praise the beautiful graphics, the game has a lot of bugs yet to be ironed out. The game also has shown a tendency of being pay-to-win. Although the developers have made most of the in-game items accessible just by progressing, the players have complained about several aspects of the game favoring players willing to pay. The game has also been critiqued as slightly stale. That being that the game doesn't bring anything new to the table and nearly all the elements have been seen in RTS RPGs before. That combined with the fact that there is no release date yet for this game leaves quite a bitter taste in the mouth of Might & Magic fans. With that being said, the players should give the game a shot before deriving any final conclusions.

Thus for now, all we can do is wait for Ubisoft to develop this game further and drop the global version. If you are from one of the five specified countries, you can download the game from the Google Play Store. That's all for this post folks! For more awesome gaming news content, stay tuned with Mobile Mode Gaming.