Top 5 Tips To Start Playing Free Fire Squad Ranked Mode

To play Free Fire Battle Royale in squad ain't an easy cup of tea, or is it? While solo matches are particularly meant for survival, squads don't settle for less and have rough gameplay throughout the game till the end.


Here we are back to bring you some tips and tricks to help Free Fire players to have an edge in the game.

Loot it all, Loot for all

Consider the fact that you're playing along with your other three teammates. A loot for one does not satisfy a loot for all. Bigger places and locations tend to attract more players and hence, more risk involved. But these places have some of the finest loots for your team. So pick all essential items, including armor, helmet, and gun, among other stuff.

Elect Team Leader

It is healthy to opt for a leader to decide which place to land, where to head, attack, or defend, etc. Unlike when each player opts for their self-centered decision, the team spirit is dissected and might lead to chaos. However, a team leader should always be someone who has experience in the game. A newbie won't be able to make decisions wisely and would certainly land the futile attempt to survive till the end.

Many times we have all casual players in the team, so it is better to let one lead whose orders can be followed by others. It won't be detrimental to your game as much as when you don't opt for a leader, though.

Play Plural

Play plural. Play We!

By this, I mean, take advantage to knock off others through attacking and defending with your teammates. Play together, support each other, and carry their responsibility on you as well. A better team spirit and coordination is the primary factor that leads you to win the #1 spot.

Have at least 1 Penguin Pet

Mr. Waggor is the latest addition in the pet roster of Free Fire. His skill provides you the Gloo Wall, one of the most important tools in the game.

You can distribute Gloo Wall among all the teammates so that Mr. Waggor keeps producing more Gloo Wall for the whole team. For that, keep in mind to feed him always so that he can produce as much as necessary for the team.

Focus Fire

When you see an enemy or a team as a whole, don't be impatient enough to fire without proper aim or focus. This may trigger the enemy to find defense or initiative counter attacks. Instead, be patient and wait for an opportunity to have a straight kill. But always remember, play with coordination with your teammates all this while.