Pro PUBG Mobile Squad Bridge Block Tips & Tricks

PUBG Mobile has numerous bridges, roads and pathways in all sort of maps available, and to have an efficient and effective chokepoint ambush is a skill. Here we are gonna tell you some points to keep in mind to have an edge on these routes.


Squad Tactics And Tips For Choke Point Ambush

Often PUBG Mobile players block the bridges and roads to attack the potential enemy squads coming forward. The following are some tactics to elevate your potential to the fullest.

  • Block the pathway by as much vehicles as you can or as are available around you. It isn't a hard and fast rule of obligation but when you completely block the path, the enemy squad have no option to walk through when you in parallel be attacking all this while. Make sure to destroy the vehicles before enemy come to your sight, this is because to not let enemy take advantage of vehicle explosions and hurt your team. Camp from a thorough distance so that you have ample time to put your strategies to light.
  • Always ready with guns fully loaded. What use are empty guns in the game huh?
  • Hide yourself and keep a close watch on the enemy. Don't be a fool and act as a bait for them. Instead try to keep yourself unnoticed. When you and your team think that it is the right time to take a heroic entry, don't shy away to be among the lead protagonists of the story.
  • If by any chance enemies succeed in crossing the route, destroy their vehicle as they move. This will eliminate them with a vehicle explosion. If they are on foot, you know better how to aim for head right?
  • Now, what if we have to rush to the safe zone and have to go through the bridge? In that case, first be cautious enough to check through an ample distance as whether any danger ahead, is there any enemy or vehicles for blockage. If yes, take note to attack and defend as you move. However it is advisable to combat through distance with the enemy. If closer fight with the enemy is necessary, make a plan out of it.
  • Don't keep your focus on one particular thing and be alert of whatever happening around you. Be triggered if there are enemy coming from some other direction you didn't notice. Being attacked by two sides will leave you in futile attempts of defence.
  • Take necessary precautions while moving ahead when the bridge is blocked. You may choose to move forward through river. Take a boat as it will take you to a defensive location much faster. Beware to not be noticed by the enemy.