Free Fire Plan Bermuda: Free Fire x Money Heist Event Complete Details

Free Fire introduced its most excited ‘Money Heist’ event as ’20/9 Plan Bermuda’. This event is the result of Free Fire’s latest and biggest collaboration with La Casa De Papel, a.k.a. Money Heist. Money Heist is a popular Spanish TV series of which Netflix owns the global streaming rights.


The Free Fire x Money Heist collaboration has brought this new event in the game that has brought a lot of Money Heist themed items to grab for the players. The event is live in the game between September 6 to September 22, 2020. This post will share all the details about Free Fire Plan Bermuda or Free Fire Money Heist Event.

Free Fire Money Heist Event Calendar:

  • Prepare for the Greatest Heist – September 6 to 15
  • Map divination – September 6 to 22
  • Start Some Money Printing – September 13 to 22
  • Panda In a Jumpsuit – September 13 to 22
  • Peak Day – September 20
  • New Mode: Money Heist – September 20 to 22

Prepare For The Greatest Heist

The first event of Plan Bermuda has started from September 6, 2020. You have to complete certain missions to collect ‘Heist Mask Token’ and various Play cards and other small rewards in this event. Using these Tokens, you can exchange two Money Heist themed items between September 13 to 15, 2020.

The missions need to be completed includes:

  1. Deal 1000 Damages – Heist Mask Token (x1) + Bounty Token Play Card (7 Days)
  2. Kill 5 Enemies – Heist Mask Token (x1) + Summon Airdrop Play Card (7 Days)
  3. Win 1 Game in CS Mode – Heist Mask Token (x1) + Scan Play Card (7 Days)
  4. Survive more than 15 minutes in 1 game – Heist Mask Token (x1)
  5. Destroy 1 Vehicle – Heist Mask Token (x1) + Resupply Map Play Card (7 Days)
  6. Save 3 Teammates – Heist Mask Token (x1) + Pet Food
  7. Play 3 Casual Games – Heist Mask Token (x1) + Gold Coins (x100)
  8. Play 3 Ranked Games – Heist Mask Token (x1) + Bonfire Play Card (7 Days)

After completing these tasks, you can collect your ‘Heist Mask Token’ and other rewards from the Events -> 20/9 Plan Bermuda -> Greatest Heist Mission – Collect Tokens tab.

How to Use Heist Mask Tokens In Free Fire:

After collecting enough number of Heist Mask Tokens, go to Events -> 20/9 Plan Bermuda -> Greatest Heist Mission – Exchange tab between September 13 to 15 to exchange the tokens for Pet Skin: Kitty Heist and Plan Bermuda Parachute.

  • Heist Mask Token (x2) – Plan Bermuda Parachute
  • Heist Mask Token (x6) – Pet Skin: Kitty Heist

Plan Bermuda Quiz – Map Divination

This event is live all time of the Plan Bermuda event i.e., September 6 to September 22, 2020. There are 4 parts if this event: CG Video, Interaction Video, Map Divination, and Comic.

You have to watch CG videos, and a test quiz pops up after you have watched the video. You select your answer to the question, and the next video will unlock according to your answer. After completing the test and sharing the test’s final result, you get a Diamond Royale Voucher.

Each quiz marks a place/city on the map. In the end, a result of your personality comes up based on the answers you selected. By sharing this result, you can get a Diamond Royale Voucher. There are 5 comics also that tell you about the execution of Plan Bermuda.

Money Printing

This event will be available between September 13 to September 22, 2020. A money-printing machine will be available in this event that works the whole day. Using this, you need to complete milestones of printing 5,000, 15,000, 23,000, 35,000, and 50,000 money (notes) daily. There is a prize for each milestone you achieve.

But with the machine’s normal speed, it is not possible to complete the milestone, so you have to increase its speed. There are three ways to do so: Daily Missions, Bonus Missions, and Friend Assist.

  • Daily Missions: Completing daily missions will include Login to the game & Playing a certain number of games will increase printing speed a bit.
  • Bonus Missions: Bonus missions include collecting in-game Money Printer Fuel and use them to accelerate speed.
  • Friend Assist: You can assist 5 friends (Game Friends, Platform Friends, or Guild Friends) daily to increase the speed.

You can see the machine speed with indicators like 0, 30, 60, 90, 120, & 150. As mentioned, the machine works for the whole day, so it is best to increase the speed early in the day to get more cash overall. Apart from the 5 milestone prizes, you can also get various surprises in the depository after cash printing crosses a certain number.

The event rewards include Money Heist themed Backpack, Surfboard, Diamond Royale Vouchers, and Weapon Royale Voucher. The lobby of the event is yet to be introduced in the game.

Panda in the Jumpsuit

Like the first event ‘Prepare For The Greatest Heist’, you will also be required to complete certain events and collect the rewards. It will be available along with ‘Money Printing’ between September 13 to September 22, 2020. The event’s lobby is yet to be introduced; after that, the exact scenario will get clear.

Peak Day – Login For Permanent Gun Skin

Every major event of Free Fire comes with a peak day that brings an exclusive login reward and other rewards for the day. The Peak day of the Free Fire Money Heist Event is on September 20, 2020, and the exclusive login reward will be a red-colored AK Skin. The other rewards for the day are Diamond Royale Vouchers. Keep a note; it is only available to collect on the peak day and comes with permanent duration.

All Money Heist Themed Items

New Mode – Money Heist

Money Heist will be a limited-time event available between September 20 to September 22, 2020. In this mode, 2 teams of four players each go against each other to print target money within the allotted time. To print money, teams have to activate and occupy ‘Money Printers’ placed across the map.

After occupying, players also need to defend the machine’s surroundings as opponents can take over money for themselves. The team collecting the target amount of money in the allotted time or with the most amount of money after running out os time wins the match.

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