OnePlus Users Can Now Claim A Exclusive 'Bhangra' Emote in Fortnite

Recently we covered published a news article over the partnership between Epic Games and OnePlus. And thanks to this partnership now Oneplus latest models will be able to run Fortnite Mobile at 90FPS, which is even higher than Its console's Variant.


Now, both companies have taken another step forward by working together on Fortnite Content. The companies have just announced that starting from today, OnePlus device owners can redeem an exclusive 'Bhangra Boogie' emote for free in Fortnite Mobile. You can have a look at the emote in the video attached below.

OnePlus has been partnering with lots of game developers and content creators to promote its brand. And this strategy is definitely working as with each coming day, OnePlus is growing with rapid numbers.

Talking of the Bhangra Boogie Emote, it is based on the Bhangra dance, which originated from India. You must have watched Bhangra clips in Indian films, videos. Bhangra is very fun to watch and its quite popular in both South Asia and North America.

So that's it for this post, and if you own an OnePlus 3 or newer phone, then make sure to collect your Free Fortnite Bhangra emote from the official website of OnePlus.