How To Do More Kills In PUBG Mobile Season 14

For all the PUBG Mobile lovers who have a question in mind 'How to take maximum kills in PUBG Mobile?'; we have come up with very fresh techniques that will help to take the maximum number of kills in the game.

Make Hot Drop

Before jumping from the plane, select any hot drop location you want to jump at. To kill the enemy, you always want the best gun in your hand. and all these guns can only be found on the hot drop locations. You can check out the best loot locations for different maps.


These are the location where others will also come to find their favorite arm. You need to be fast in picking up guns before everyone else. As soon as enemies land, give them a severe blow on their heads to make kills.

Challenge opponent on world mic

If you think you do not find many enemies until the last circle, here is a million-dollar tip. Just switch your mic to world chat and challenge them to come to any location you want. But ask them to come at any location with which you or your squad is familiar with and hopefully, your enemies might show up, coming to your trap.

Assign everyone their role in your squad

Everyone in your squad should know their roles. Just decide, who will be the assaulter? Who will take headshots with a sniper? Who can take the car away when needed? It will help you a lot while fighting and keeps you out of the confusion in cases when you have to leave a place by driving a car.


Bot Fire

Doing bot fire might sound you wrong but can be really helpful. I recommend you try it at least once. We all know killing a bot is the easiest thing, and whenever players listen to bot fire, the whole squad rushes in the open towards it to take his kill. You are going to take advantage of these greedy people to make more kills.

These 4 tricks can really help you making more kills than usual in the PUBG Mobile. If you have any other trick in your mind, do let us know in the comment section below, so others can also get to know about it.

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