Top 4 Best Gun Combinations to use in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile provides its players a vast amount of guns to choose from in the game. It also allows the players to carry two guns at a time thus introducing variation in the gameplay. Almost all of the players try to get their hands on the most powerful guns for their combination and try to win the match.


However, having just two very powerful guns does not guarantee a win. The two guns need to complement each other and the player's gameplay if you really want to defeat your enemies. Here we list the best gun combinations in PUBG that will help your gameplay.

AKM + DP-28

The first combination on the list is perfect for an aggressive gameplay. This combination will help you excel in both close combats as well as medium-range standoffs.

The AKM is known for its high firepower. A player will seldom lose a close-quarter fight while using the AKM. It also works well in medium range if you use it correctly.

The DP-28 is the perfect medium range gun. It has very low recoil and a good fire rate to allow you to defeat any enemy at medium distance. While it can definitely be used for long-range battles, a player with a Kar or AWM will easily defeat you.

This gun combination works very well in most situations. Its effectiveness increases as the zone becomes smaller. If you are highly skilled, you will also be able to overcome the weakness of the combo in long-range.

M416 + Kar98K

This gun combination is the one to use for medium and long range fights. Both guns on this combination excel for standoffs taking place at a distance.

The M416 while not as powerful as an AKM, will still win a medium range battle if used correctly. If equipped with a scope, no enemy is safe from this gun. Its good damage as well as fire rate combined with low recoil makes it the perfect AR for medium range encounters.

The Kar98K is one of the most powerful sniper rifles in the game. A headshot from a Kar98K will knockout a player instantly if he is not wearing a level 3 helmet. If equipped with a 6x or 8x scope, this becomes the perfect rifle to use at long range. It is also very effective in medium range but a good AR or SMG on the opponent may get you in trouble.

Both guns in this combination have a weakness in close-range. Many SMGs and ARs exist that can defeat you in close-range if you are using this combination. However, playing it smart will still allow you to survive and win the game.

S12K + DP28

This combination of a shotgun and a machine gun is the ultimate combo for short and some medium-range battles. At a close range, you will be practically unstoppable if equipped with this combo.

The S12K shotgun is one of the best shotguns in the game. Not more than two shots are needed at close range to knock out an enemy. Even ARs and SMGs fail in front of the S12K at close-quarter combats.

The DP28 as explained before is perfect for medium range. When combined this combo is practically unstoppable. However, you will be highly vulnerable at long-range as well as if an opponent has a rifle for medium range. These two guns are quite common in the game, and getting used to this combo will give you an edge.

AKM + M416

The next gun combo on the list is specially designed for aggressive gameplay where the player will rush towards the enemies.

The general disadvantage with using a sniper rifle in your combo is that the opponent tends to get revived by his teammate regardless of how many time you knock hum. Additionally, in close quarter fights, the sniper rifle is almost useless leading to you relying on only one gun.

With this combo, you have two guns with which to defeat enemies. The high magazine capacity of both the guns ensures that you don't run out of ammo while engaged in a fight.

For players who would rather take the fight to the enemy instead of waiting it out, this combo is the one to use. You can practically defeat 2-3 players alone if you are equipped with this combo.

While you may be tempted to think that you can exchange some of the guns for the other in the above combos you would be mistaken. While making a combo you must need to keep all three ranges in mind and ensure that your guns can give a fair fight in them.

For example, if you change AKM + DP28 to M416 + DP28, then your close-range effectiveness is practically nil. Players equipped with SMGs and ARs will easily overpower you since both DP28 and M416 are suited for mid-range.

On the other hand if you use AKM + Kar98K then any enemy rushing towards you or running in mid-range will have the upper hand. A Kar98K can seldom be used against a running enemy and an AKM has a very high recoil to be effective for mid-range. Thus M416 is preferred.

Hope you like these combos and are able to include them in your gameplay. Stay tuned to Mobile Mode Gaming for latest news.