Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 Battle Royale Leaks: New Class, Map Updates And More

Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 Test Server is now live and based on it, and we are going to share with you the upcoming new features and update which will be coming to the Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale Mode such as New Class, Map updates, Vending Machines and more.


Note: This post will focus entirely on COD Mobile Season 7 Battle Royale related stuff. If you are interested in multiplayer mode, then we have already published a post over it; make sure to check it out.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 Battle Royale Upcoming Features and Updates:

Map Expansion

Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale Map has been expanded. The Season 7 map will feature the same battle royale map, but a new space has been added to it, which will make the game more exciting and open more strategies for the players to follow.

New Class 'Smoke Bomber'

COD Mobile will again be getting a new Battle Royale Class in the game, and this time it will be 'Smoke Bomber.' The smoke bomber class will be added with the Season 7 Update, and its main ability will be to create a large area of smoke that can be used to run or revive your teammates quickly.

What's more, is that Smoke Bomber class while being able to see the enemies through this smoke while others can't. So it can be used to kill enemies while they try to find you in your smoke.

New Supply Crate Weapon

If you are regularly playing COD Mobile multiplayer mode, then we are pretty sure you already know what Tempest is. The upcoming Call of Duty Mobile Season 7 update will bring Tempest to the battle royale mode via supply crates.

Vending Machines

Recently PUBG Mobile has also added vending machines in its latest update. It looks like Call of Duty Mobile developers has taken the idea from there.

Call of duty mobile battle royale will feature two types of vending machines after the Season 7 Update arrives. One will be weapon vending machines where the players will be able to get new weapons, while second will be vehicle vending machines where players will be able to grab new vehicles.

New Weapons

In Season 7, new weapons will also be added to the call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale modes such as DLQ33 and Man-o-War.


Other than all the features mentioned above, there is much more content that will be added to the game with the upcoming update, such as tanks, CODM Downtown, etc.

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So that's it for this post. Stay tuned with us for the latest upcoming Call of Duty Mobile news and updates.