COD Mobile Season 9 Will Add 4 New Locations in Battle Royale Map

Before season 8 of Call of Duty Mobile, the battle royale mode was kind of neglected by the developers. It was clear that the entire focus was on the multiplayer mode. But in Season 8 update, they brought a massive update in the Battle Royale Mode introducing new additions to the map and many new features.


There is no doubt that majority of the mobile players considered PUBG Mobile to be a better game when it comes to the battle royale genre, but the season 8 update changed the opinions of many players and even some streames such as iFerg who never touched Battle Royale started streaming a couple of Battle Royale Matches.

Activision is now clear that they want to expand its battle royale audience by proving them with sufficient new content, just like they do it for their COD Mobile Multiplayer Mode players. So in season 9 update, they are bringing massive changes in the Battle Royale, including lots of new guns, custom loadout, new class, and lot more crazy stuff.

But today in this post we want to share with you 4 news locations that will be added in the Battle Royale Mode of Call of Duty Mobile in the upcoming Season 9 update of the game. These locations are:

  1. Radar Base
  2. Out Post
  3. Dormitory
  4. Camp

How excited are you to land on these new Battle Royale Locations in the isolated map of COD Mobile when the Season 9 Update arrives? Do let us know in the comments below.