The unique board game Mandala – The Game of Life Will Release on July 20th

Mandala – The Game of life is brought by Digital Future Games. The game is set for a final release on the July 20th; however, they are currently in the beta stage where people can still participate in. The beta is available on iOS through Apple’s TestFlight program and you can just download the game in Google Playstore.  


Mandala – The Game of life is a board game style game, where one to four players can play. Unlike other board games where the player moves a piece; in Mandala, you move the board around the player instead. Your goal as the player, through this colorful and challenging board game, is to reach the center of the board by manipulating the board. You can choose from four different characters to play which have been designed to resemble elements like water, air, earth, and fire. Besides these characters, you’ll also have a handful of minions to aid you through the path.

As you try to move towards the center, other players with the same goal are trying to stop you from reaching your goals. As you move these colored tiles depending on the number of the die that you rolled at the beginning of the round. There is a die for each colored platform, determining how much you can move that specific tile. In order to win you will have to move these titles strategically. Make a clear path for your minions and block the path for others. Once you reach the center, you’ll receive a point and you’ll need a certain amount points to win the game.

The game offers local multiplayer by passing around the phone, as well as having an online multiplayer or with bots with varying difficulty levels. The game offers in-app purchases and also contains ads. For more information, you can visit their website.