Pokemon Masters hints new egg event, Sync Pair, etc.

Pokemon Masters in their latest message to the players have hinted at the upcoming Egg Event, Seasonal Sync Pair, and more. It also sheds some light on the updates that are to arrive in August.


Players are assured first Egg event in August which will have the focus on Bug-Type Pokemon. In this period players can get eggs that hatch into Scyther and Pinsir. The players will also have the chance of getting Shiny if lucky. In addition to this if players use the Bug-type Sync Pair then their chance of getting an egg will increase.

The players can also expect for a Seasonal Sync Pair added to the game. In this, we will witness Steven teaming with Alolan Sandlash. Also, there is another surprise Sync pair waiting for the players which is yet to be revealed. There is a new update coming in July which introduces Type Skills.

Pokemon Masters

The new feature will be activated if you pair two or more Sync Pairs of the same type and will result in increased strength. More such features are expected in the near future.

Marking the game's first anniversary there are celebrations in which players can take part in a legendary event called against Palkia. Additionally, there will also be a Champion Stadium in which you will battle against Elite Four members and Champions from different regions. If you manage to emerge victorious you will receive increased strength for your Sync Pair.

Pokemon Masters is a free to play game that is available on App Store and Play Store. It comprises of in-app purchases. With a lot of new things arriving you can get going in the game.