Free Fire Rank Season 16 End Date

As you all know, Free Fire has got its Rank Season 16 yesterday (26th June 2020). As always, the new Season has brought some new features to the game, whereas it removed the old features. Also, the rank of players has also been reset, bringing them to the lower tiers.

After getting familiar with the new features introduced with new Ranked Season 16, you must be willing to know its end date so more new features can be introduced to the game. So we would like to share that the End Date of Free Fire Rank Season 16 is 21st August 2020, 12:30 PM (GMT +5:30).

Just after two hours of Free Fire Rank Season 16 end, a brand new Season will make its way to the game; it will be the Free Fire Ranked Season 17. Like Season 16, Free Fire Rank Season 17 will also bring a lot of new features and remove some old features from the game.


Apart from new features, another crucial part if the tier drop at the end of every season in the Free Fire. Introduction of Free Fire Rank Season 16 will also result in resetting the tiers of players. Below is the tier drop to be followed at the end of Free Fire Rank Season 16.

  • Heroic – Gold II
  • Diamond (I-IV) – Gold I
  • Platinum (I-IV) – Silver II
  • Gold (I-IV) – Silver I
  • Silver (I-III) – Bronze II
  • Bronze (I-III) – Bronze -I

The rank reset system mentioned above is going to follow at the end of Free Fire Ranked Season 16. With the start of Free Fire Rank Season 17, a player can highest be at the ‘Gold II’ rank. So push your ranks before the season ends!

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