2 New Guns Will Be Added To PUBG Mobile After 0.19.0 Update

We already told you about the leaks of the new Fourex Map and Monster Truck in our previous post. Now we are here with a new leak, i.e., 2 New Guns Will Be Added To PUBG Mobile After 0.19.0 Update. One of these guns is already available in the game that is P90, which is currently available in the Arena Matches, but after this update, it will also be available in Classic Mode. The Second gun here is brand new, and it's called SPAS 12, which is, unfortunately, a shotgun.


About P90:

This is a fantastic SMG, which was added to Arena Matches in the last update, but now it will be added as random loot in the classic matches. P90 has the largest clip size of 50 bullets compared to any other weapons and supports muzzle, sights, and foregrips.

This weapon can be used in Three ways; Single Fire Mode, which is suitable for long-range flights, the Burst Fire Mode, which is good for a medium-range fight, and lastly, the Automatic Mode, which is perfect in close range fights.

About SPAS 12:

Tencent has already released a DBS shotgun earlier in the game which was available only in Air Drops, and obviously being a shotgun it was only good in a short-range fight, but now there is another shotgun Spas 12 which will also be available in Air Drops only (it might even be available as random loot item) and there is a good chance that Spas 12 may replace DBS shotgun.

Spas 12 has a mag capacity of 7 Bullets, and you can quickly shoot as Single Fire Mode through this gun. This shotgun is quite stable, and like any other shotgun, it is more effective in close range.

So these 2 New amazing Guns will be added in 0.19.0 version of Pubg Mobile, and if you are super excited to try these weapons and can't wait soo long, then you can simply Download PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 BETA Version right now and use it yourself.