Why OSRS Mobile is Worth Playing

With the mobile platform forever growing in terms of adapting new and bigger games to those who prefer gaming on a handheld device, it raises the question as to what you should be trying out and why. There are many different titles for you to choose from of course, though there are some that are particularly standout, and work very well on the mobile platform. 


MMORPGs on Mobile 

Not only are MMORPGs one of the most popular genres of games in the entire industry, but they are one of the most prominent and populated types of games that you can get on a handheld device. And it isn't difficult to understand the reasons behind this. After all, the main approach to an MMORPG is to grind your levels and more, which makes the mobile platform perfect. This is because it can be taken with you pretty much anywhere you want to go, so you can carry on with your progress even when you are out and about. One such MMORPG that is strongly recommended for you to try out is OSRS Mobile.

Problems with Mobile MMORPGs

There are certain drawbacks to many titles that are on the mobile platform in this genre. Makers of these games have often used particular mechanics that may be frowned upon, such as the ability to use auto-play, playing offline and perhaps the most controversial of all, Pay-To-Win or buying OSRS gold

The practice of paying to win revolves around those who want to avoid the usual grind in favor of simply pay their way to their respective goal. This often gives an advantage to those players who choose to pay their way ahead of those who don't. Despite this, the MMO industry on mobile is hugely popular, and there are some that do manage to avoid these issues for the most part. 

Why You Should Play OSRS Mobile

There are MMORPG titles on mobile that do well to avoid the practices we discussed, one of which is OSRS Mobile. Fans of this genre love a good old level grind, and there's no better experience for your handheld device than Old School Runescape. You won't find any of the negative mechanics such as auto-playing Runescape, paying to win, or offline play here, just an MMO which a whole bunch of gameplay for you to enjoy. 

Whilst the prospect of playing Old School RS can be quite daunting at first given how much content there is, the truth is that there isn't any real wrong way to play it. There is that much to do that it gives you the chance to go with the flow. So whether you want to go on quests, slay demons, craft gear, cook, go fishing, or grind your skills, there is so much on offer for you to do. 

It is free-to-play the game, but this will get you a rather standard experience. Premium members however are entitled to everything that OSRS has to give. With a simple enough UI to work with, and seemingly endless content, OSRS Mobile is one of, if not the most user-friendly MMORPGs that you can sink your time into.  

 RuneScape Mobile is good, too!

If you are looking for something a bit more modern, then you can also try out RuneScape Mobile. It does offer a more up to date version of RuneScape than OSRS, though it does have its drawbacks in comparison. 

Yes, it is a less grind focused kind of game, and the visuals may be easier on the eye to some. But there is an issue of microtransactions such as buying and OSRS gold-selling involved, which play a heavy part. Some are put off by how much easier leveling up is in this version of the franchise, too. Even so, there is a lot of content for you to enjoy in RuneScape Mobile as you'd find in Old School RuneScape Mobile. So if the latter is something you can't get to grips with, do check out RuneScape Mobile instead. Whichever you decide to use, they are both extremely user friendly for mobile gaming, and will give you the best experience possible for playing an MMORPG on your handheld device. 

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