Call of Duty: Mobile Brand New Chopper LMG First Glance

The Korean version of CODM released the S7 update yesterday, and many of the players checked it out. Chopper LMG - a brand new weapon, was what everyone was pumped about. Let's look at some features of the weapon that might make it worth the hype.


This gun is called Chainsaw in Call of Duty: Ghosts and is said to be a crazy unique gun.


Sort of like the M249 in Pubg Mobile, this gun doesn't take any attachments. Of course, the M249 takes a scope whereas the Chopper doesn't even have a scope. We'll get back to that later. This gun stays the same as the base version. Despite having no attachments or iron sights, the gun has a high fire rate. After being compared by Hawsnest, the Chopper's fire rate is just higher than the HVK-30 and just below S36 and S36 is the fastest firing LMG.

You'd think a higher fire rate would mean higher recoil but that is not the case. The recoil is easily controllable and the gun naturally doesn't kick that hard. The reload speed is also high, unlike other LMGs in the game.


Naturally, you'd think the lack of ADS means this gun will be hip-fire only, but it's not. There is no option to attach a scope and no iron sights. What we do have is an animation of zooming into the screen to get a better shot at the enemy. And this zoom acts as ADS without actually being it. Not just that, if you look at the shots, it doesn't fly all over and is actually focused on the center of the screen.

So, technically speaking, it has all the characteristics and perks of aiming down sight without having a scope.


This was measured in the Training Room mode where the closest shooting board is 11m away which took 5 shots. And the furthest one is 52m and that took only 6 bullets. So we already know that this gun is going to shred in games. The time to kill is clocked better than most of the LMGs in the game. It's highly likely that this gun is going to cross RPD in matches.

As the gun isn't in the global version yet, we know how good or bad this gun is in practice. Not entirely. We will keep updating you. Until then let us know your thoughts on this allegedly overpowered and very unique LMGs in the comments.

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