Call of Duty Mobile: Minimum Requirements

Hello Players, We present before you the Minimum requirements to play Call of Duty Mobile. This information has been gather by merging various comments, statements and information released by the Tencent and Activision on various events at various platforms about Call of Duty Mobile.


Minimum Requirement to Play Call of Duty Mobile:

  • On Android, the minimum requirement will be Sat least Snapdragon 625, Adreno 506 and 3 GB of RAM . In this configuration, the game can run in the average setting at 30 FPS. For best results, just have a more current chipset.
  • In iOS, minimum requirement will be an iPhone 6 . It is worth remembering that in this device, the game will run with graphics at least and below 30 FPS. For best results (60fps) you need to have at least iPhone 7 or higher.

Note: Call of Duty Mobile will take around 1.1 GB of data to download and after installed it will go to 2.6 GB.