Free Fire: How To Complete Wonderland Egg Collection Event

As you all know, Free Fire Wonderland Event is live into the game since 12th April 2020 and will be there until 26th April 2020. We mentioned earlier that Free Fire would be opening a new event called 'Join Wonderland Bingo' on 16th April 2020. 

But there is a slight change in the event, now the name of the event has been changed to 'Wonderland Egg Collection.' The duration of the event is the same from 16th to 26th April 2020, and also the grand prizes: Bunny Backpack and Egg Hunter Lootbox.


The Free Fire Wonderland Egg Collection Event is a 'Spin to Win' event, in which spins can be made using the tokens called 'Eggshell Bunny.' There is a total of 9 unique eggs in the event that you need to get by making spins using the tokens. These unique eggs can be exchanged with the three exclusive rewards.

The unique Eggs to collect are named on the characters available in the game. The unique eggs names are as follows:

  1. Antonio's Egg
  2. Andrew's Egg
  3. Moco's Egg
  4. Kla's Egg
  5. Kelly's Egg
  6. Misha's Egg
  7. Caroline's Egg
  8. Hayato's Egg
  9. Andrew's Egg

As you enter the Free Fire Wonderland Egg Collection Event Section, you get three tokens for free, using them, you can make three spins. After that, you need to collect the tokens from the FF Wonderland -> Token - Egg Collection tab by completing the tasks mentioned, which includes:

  1. Play 1 Match
  2. Play 3 Matches
  3. Play 6 Matches
  4. Play 8 Matches

The matches referred here are the normal classic matches. So if you play 8 matches, all the 4 tasks get completed, and you can collect all the 4 tokens to spin. It gets refreshed every day, so you can collect 4 tokens daily.

If you think, how would you be able to play this much of classic matches daily as it would consume a lot of time. No need to worry, you do not need to play full matches, just land on the map and commit suicide, it gets counted as one match. And if you wish to play the normal match, then also you get the tokens.

If you are not being able to collect all the 9 unique eggs from the spins (as you got duplicate of some), you can use the 'Ask' button. Using the 'Ask' feature, you can ask your friends for the eggs you are missing. To Ask a friend, click on the 'Ask' and select the unique egg you want and take the screenshot and send it yo your friend through any of the external sharing methods such as Whatsapp, Facebook, etc.

You can also give your unique duplicate eggs to your friends using the 'Give' button. Using the 'Give' feature, you can give away the egg you owned more than one to your friend. To give an egg to a friend, you need to click on the 'Give' button, select the egg you want to give and then press 'Give.'

Now, to claim the egg, your friend needs to enter a code appearing on your screen. You can share it through a screenshot or directly copy and send the code to your friend through any external sharing method. By entering the code, the friend can claim the unique egg, and it gets deducted from your account.

The Free Fire Wonderland Egg Collection Event offers to the players three exclusive rewards. The rewards can be exchanged by 3, 6, or 9 unique eggs. So if you want to collect all the three rewards, you need to collect all the 9 unique eggs.

The rewards to be collected in the Free Fire Wonderland Egg Collection Event include:

  1. Easter Egg Hunt #6 (T-Shirt) - Requires Unique Egg x 3
  2. Egg Hunter Lootbox - Requires Unique Egg x 6
  3. Bunny Backpack - Requires Unique Egg x 9

So grab all the three rewards for the permanent duration by collecting the unique eggs before the event ends on 26th April 2020.

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