Dark Raider is Now Available To Download

Triniti Interactive Studios has now officially released its new mobile game Dark Raider which is available for both IOS and Android devices. It's a full action pack game where you will raid dungeons and defeat bosses in this hardcore hack & slash action game.


It is a retro action game where you will raid dungeons and wave off all the enemies in your way. Dark Raider uses random maps which means the players will get to explore new areas and fight against different monsters every time. The dungeon will reset upon the player's death.

This game features three kinds of heroes - Warrior, Mage, and Barbarian. The Warrior has quick speed and movement, thus an excellent choice to deal with fast enemies. The Mage focuses on burst damage, meaning you can deal amount of high damage but quickly die. Lastly, Barbarian has massive defense and health, but slowest attach speed.

Dark Raider has a dark theme with a modern way to create retro feeling and it also uses TFR-ISO to make it more fascinating and immerse.

So if you are ready for some hardcore action combat battles, then go and download it now via Google Play or Apple Appstore.