Free Fire Hacker’s Store 5.0: How To Spin And Win

On the popular demand of players, Free Fire has come up with the fifth edition of the Hacker’s Store. Free Fire Hacker’s Store 5.0 is a spin to win event but with certain differences. Here you get to choose the items to be included in your prize pool. But not all items, out of the six items, you select 2 to be included in the prize pool.


Free Fire Hacker’s Store 5.0 is live in the game from today (15th May) till 21st May 2020. Now coming to How To Play Free Fire Hacker’s Store Event. As you open the Hacker’s store lobby, you get to see ‘Grand Prize Selection’ and ‘Bonus Prize Selection’ on your screen. Here you have to choose 1 Grand Prize and 1 Bonus Prize. Both the items enter the final prize pool.

Grand PrizesBonus Prizes
Devil Hunter Bundle Alavaro Character
Street Thug BundleSteffie Character
Night Bandit BundleName Change Card
Flame AK (Skin)Pet Skin: Snowy Robo
Lightning MP40 (Skin)Party Dance Emote
Death M1014 (Skin)Robo Pet

After selecting both the items, you reach the Spin screen. Apart from One Grand Prize and One Bonus Prize, here you get to see four other items also in the prize pool of the spin. The reason behind including extra items is to decrease your chance of getting preferred items. Because it would be unfeasible for Garena to give both the items at the cost of only some diamonds.

The other items available in the prize pool include:

  1. Scan Paycard (3D)
  2. Double Gold Card (7D)
  3. Weapon Royale Voucher
  4. Diamond Royale Voucher

As there are six items in the prize pool, to get all the items you need to make six spins. If you get your preferred items early, you can stop there. But our experience says it is not going to happen. To get the grand prize, you will be required to make all the six spins. The cost of spins start from 9 diamonds and keeps on increasing with every spin. To make all the spins, you require a total of 874 diamonds.

  • First Spin – 9 Diamonds
  • Second Spin – 19 Diamonds
  • Third Spin – 49 Diamonds
  • Fourth Spin – 99 Diamonds
  • Fifth Spin – 199 Diamonds
  • Sixth Spin – 499 Diamonds

The items you get on each spin will be deleted from the prize pool. It increases your chance of getting the grand prize pool. The items you get will be sent directly to the Vault / Collection / Loadout. So enter the Hacker’s Store now and grab the rewards before the store closes on 21st May 2020.

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