Free Fire Summer Spin Event Complete Details

Free Fire keeps on introducing a lot of events, and in this list, one more name has been added 'Summer Spin.' Free Fire has introduced a new event called Summer Spin in the game. The event is live in the game from 8th May 2020 till 14th May 2020.


This is summertime, and you have no option other than staying at your home. So you can consider playing the Free Fire Summer Spin Event and stand a chance to win the Trendy Diver Bundle. As the name itself suggest, in the Summer Spin Event, you need to make spin(s) to win various rewards.

Making a spin in the Free Sire Summer Spin event is not free, you have to spend diamonds for the same. The cost of each spin in the event is 20 diamonds, but if you make 10 spins together, you can do so at the discount of 20 diamonds at the cost of 180 diamonds.

Apart from the normal spins, this event comes with Special Spin that triple your chance to get the grand prize 'Trendy Diver Bundle.' The special spin costs you 40 diamond each. There is no option like bulk spins for the Special Spins; you have to do one by one.

There are 10 items available in the prize pool of the Free Fire Summer Spin Event. But you get additional prizes when you accumulate 10, 30, and 60 spins.

  • Wet Songkron T-Shirt (Male) - 10 Spins
  • Songkron Surfboard - 30 Spins
  • Mr. shark Backpack - 60 Spins

All the items you receive in the event, directly get sent to your vault/collection. If you receive a duplicate of any item that gets converted into the FF tokens. So try your luck while sitting at the comfort of your home in the Free Fire Summer Spin Event before the events end on 14th May 2020.