Call of Duty Mobile: How To Get The Nomad Wild Snake Free Skin In A Day

The latest Call of Duty Mobile update has brought in tons of new stuff to the game. These include new character skins that can be unlocked by completing certain missions and events. Out of these skins, Nomad Wild Snake is one of the best free skins in the game.

The game has given a deadline of more than a month to unlock this free skin. However, following this guide, you can unlock the skin within a day. To unlock the skin, you have to complete all missions from Survival of the Fittest that can be found under the Seasonal Events section.

The Missions

Survival of the Fittest consists of 6 missions in a series. This means that you have to complete them one by one instead of doing more than one at the same time. Here are the 6 missions in order of completion:

  • Open 5 Airdrops in Battle Royale
  • Play 5 BR games
  • Get into the top 10 once with no kills in BR
  • Run Over and kill 2 Enemies in BR
  • Kill 20 enemies in BR Matches
  • Win 2 BR Matches

Once you are done with a mission, you have to go back and claim the reward to unlock the next one.

Guide to the Missions

Open 5 Airdrops in Battle Royale

The first mission is pretty straightforward. A highly determined player can complete it one match, However, you would not need to play more than 3 matches to complete the mission. If a bit of luck is on their side then this mission would be an easy breeze for most players. One thing to note is that you have to be the first one to open the airdrop else it will not be counted.

The first tip for this mission is to go Solo. Playing in a team will lead to your teammates opening the airdrop and denying you the opportunity to open it first. In the game, if you see the plane is flying nearby then definitely try to shoot it down to make the airdrop land near you.


The second tip is to try and get hold of the chopper. This will allow you to move around easily. Thus you will get an edge over other players in reaching any airdrop the quickest.

Play 5 BR Games

This mission can be pretty frustrating to see since you must have played a couple of matches to complete the first mission. However, if you are not worried about your rank and points, then this mission can actually be complete really fast.

Since there is no time requirement for the game, you can choose to drown in the water at any time during the match to end it. This can be done immediately after dropping from the plane which will cost you a lot of point loss. You can also choose to do this later so that the point reduction is less. However, quitting the game is not going to count towards the mission so make sure you get killed in the match.


This tip is a trade-off between time and points. The player can choose accordingly whether to complete the challenge really fast (about 15 minutes) at the cost of points or spend some time in the game.

Get into the top 10 with no kills in BR

This mission basically means you have to complete the game with zero kills while also ending up in the top 10. The best way to complete this mission is to play in a team with friends. You can let them do the shooting and killing while you follow them in the game and stay alive. You will complete the mission regardless of how many kills your teammates have in the game.

If you want to play Solo, getting a chopper is the way to go. You can fly around in the sky and wait for players to die until you reach the top 10. This is another easy mission that can be done in a single match.

Run Over and kill 2 Enemies in BR

This mission is the most challenging among the others. For this mission, using a chopper is the easiest way to get the kill. You should try to land somewhere you can get hold of a chopper such as Countdown, Nuclear Plant.

The next thing to do is to keep flying the chopper at the edge of the map near the red wall. A lot of bots spawn near the edge of the map which are perfect for this mission. You need to first weaken the bot by firing at it and then use the chopper to quickly kill it.

However, be aware of the chopper's health as a bot will return fire and may end up destroying it and killing you. Alternatively, you can use a car to do the same thing although it will be a slower process. This mission can be completed in a single match if luck is on your side.

Kills 20 enemies in BR

The only tip for this mission is to play aggressively and land at areas where you know that a lot of players will be at. You will definitely need to play a lot of matches to complete this mission.

Win 2 BR Matches

To complete this mission it is recommended that you play with friends. You should put more focus on surviving rather than kills. Play Smart and Play Safe. Tips for this mission are mostly known to all players. You should not try to engage in battle unless really necessary and try to have your entire team till the end. Staying at the high ground will definitely give you the edge over others.

These tips encourage the player to be smart in the game. You can always go the long way and let the missions complete on their own. However, if you want access to the skin before all other players in the game, this guide will definitely help you. Enjoy and have fun. Stay tuned for more guides on CODM.