How To Get A Chicken Dinner In PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode

The new Arctic Mode is now available in PUBG Mobile. As you all might have noticed that in this mode you not only have to kill your opponents but also you have to survive the harsh conditions of the snow-covered map.

To win, you’ll have to strategize and play. Like all modes in PUBG Mobile, if you apply the right strategy then you will increase your chances of winning. In this article, we’ve tried to summarize some tips and tricks that will help you win this mode.


Collect Fewer Branches

With this new mode, many of you will tend to hoard up more branches than you need. This will take up your bag space, leaving little space for other essentials. You don’t need to carry many branches as it is available in abundance.

The auto-pickup for branches is set up to 10. However, it’s better that you make it up to 5 branches. Whenever, the blizzard is about to arrive, find a building that has some branches in it. You can use those branches if you want to extend the duration of your bonfire.

Collect Warm Packs and Heaters

Stock up some Warm Packs, if you find them. They give you immunity against the cold, keeping your body temperature from dropping. A Warm Pack only lasts up to 30 seconds. So carrying more with you will be a good idea.

Then there are Heaters available in the map. Carrying a single Heater will be more than enough. Again, these are not that hard to find. The Heater will create a circle big enough to accommodate your entire team. Players inside the circle will stay warm. Heaters and Health Packs are crucial as sometimes you may need to move during the blizzard. Also, don’t forget to carry consumables.

Go After The Fire

When the blizzard arrives, you’ll see small fire icons dotted all over the map. These are enemy locations. If you see a fire near you then you can go for an attack. However, remember to apply some Warm Packs before doing so and try to knock them out with a Grenade first.

Use Skis

Travelling around the Vikendi map won’t be difficult, thanks to the inclusion of skis. The skis allow for fast transportation across the map and do not make a lot of noise. The skis can be deployed when you are on snow. But, remember that you are vulnerable to enemy gunshots while you’re skiing.

Use The Drone Carefully

Always remember that you’re prone to enemy attacks while you are piloting a drone. So, fly the drone in a safe spot and ask your teammates to give cover. The drone can be used to scout the area for potential enemies and it can also be used as a weapon.

If you fly your drone extremely close to an enemy, it will explode, taking the enemy out with it. Also, you have to keep in mind that the drone has a limited battery life, so use it judiciously.

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These were some basic tips and tricks that can help you get a Chicken Dinner in Arctic Mode. Stay tuned for more of such guides.