Free Fire: Here Is How To Play New Mystery Crate Event

Free Fire has introduced a new event called ‘Mystery Crate’ in the game. The Free Fire Mystery Crate Event offers to the players some most iconic bundles that were available in the various recent events.

All the legendary bundles of the Mystery Shop are available in the Mystery Crate. In Mystery Shop, you get the items at a very discounted price, but here you have to pay a lot for them.


Just like various other previous events of Free Fire, the Mystery Crate Event is also a completely diamond-based event. The event offers you a lot of prizes to grab, but based on the motto – the more you spend, the better your rewards!

So if you are privileged enough to spend thousands of diamonds to get a chance to win an iconic costume, then only participate in the Free Fire Mystery Crate.

In Free Fire Mystery Crate Event, there are a lot of items available in the prize pool, including 6 grand prizes, that you get out of the crate randomly. To open the crate, you have to spend diamonds, and the diamonds count start from the 10 diamonds.

At the bottom of the screen, you get to see a bar indicating diamond counts, starting from 10 diamonds. If you bid 10 diamonds for opening the crate, there is only a 1% chance of getting the grand prize.

As you increase your bid by 10 diamonds, the chances of Grand Prize increases by 1%. If you spend 1000 diamonds, you guaranteed to get the grand prize. So the more you spend, the better your rewards would be.

But if you are fond of any costume in the event and do not want to miss it, then you can participate in the event by using existing diamonds or by making Top-Up. If you are doing a Top-Up, we have something to share with you.

You can do Top Ups from the Top Up section of Free Fire. But you can also Get 100% Diamond Top-Up Bonus In Free Fire Using Games Kharido. So if you top-up for 100 diamonds, you get 200, or if you top-up for 500 diamonds, you get 1000.

Another option is, you can get Rs. 100 cashback on your first diamond top-up in Free Fire using the UPI Via Paytm. So if you have not used Paytm UPI for doing diamond top-ups earlier, you can use this method to get up to Rs. 100 cashback.

We recommend you to go with 100% Diamond Top-up Bonus option and top-up with at least 500 diamonds. By doing this, you will be able to get the grand prize by paying the amount of only 500 diamonds.

The Mystery Crate in Free Fire will not be there for too long, So grab all that you want before the event ends on the 3rd of May.