Free Fire: Here Is How To Get Kapella Character & Bundle For Free

Free Fire has released the OB21 update in the game, which has brought a lot of new features in the game along with the new character 'Kapella.' But as you know, you need to spend diamonds to buy the characters in the game. But it is not going to happen with the new character Kapella.

Today, we are going to share with you a method so you can get the Free Fire Kapella Character absolutely for free. Along with the Kapella Character, you can also get the Kpop Stardom UMP skin and the Kapella's Singer Bundle as well.


To get all the items mentioned above for free, you will have to participate in the Free Fire's new event, 'Kapella Top Up.' The event has already been started from 8th April 2020 and will be there in the game till 14th April 2020. So you just have the time till 14th April to grab the Kapella character, Kapella's Singer Bundle, and the Kpop Stardom UMP for free.

To get the Kapella Character, its bundle, and the UMP Skin, you will have to Top Up diamonds in the game. The items are available on Top Up of different amounts of diamonds, as mentioned below.

  • Top up at least 100 diamonds to get the Kapella character
  • Top up at least 300 diamonds to get the Kpop Stardom UMP
  • Top up at least 500 diamonds to get Kapella's Singer Bundle

Now you would say if we are doing Top-up, then how the items are available for free! So the answer is, you just need to do the Top Up, and the items will be given to you as rewards. There will not be any single diamond deducted from your account for the items. You can use the diamonds you Top Up for purchasing various other items in the game.

As mentioned above, the Kapella Character is available on the Top-up of 100 diamonds, UMP skin on 300 diamonds, and the character's bundle on 500 diamonds. It does not mean you have to Top-up three times to get all the three items; you can just make a single top-up of 500 diamonds (most convenient way) and get all the three items at once.

So grab your Kapella character, Kapella's Singer Bundle, and the Kpop Stardom UMP for free before the event ends on 14th April 2020. The duration of the items is permanent; it won't get expired at the end of the event.

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