Lara Croft GO is now free for a limited time!

Square Enix developed puzzle game Lara Croft GO is made free to download for a limited time. This comes as a welcome move for many players who are currently at home. This game was launched back in 2015.

The developer Square Enix has announced this happy news through their twitter handle. The game will be free to download till 2nd April for both Android and iOS devices.


For those aren't familiar with the game it takes place in the Tomb Raider universe where the players take the role of Lara a treasure hunter. This game is a turn-based puzzle game in which you will explore the ruins of the ancient world. On the way, you will be facing and solving interesting secrets with some challenges. In this game, you are up to uncover the myth of Queen of Venom.

The game is full of enchanting visuals and peppy soundtrack. You will also be facing enemies and defeating them while you progress. In this, you can collect some cool relics and outfits for Lara. So what are you waiting for ?, go get Lara Croft GO from Play Store and App Store and begin the hunt for free.