Marvel Contest of Champions gets Terrax

Marvel Contest of Champions adds new character to its arsenal frequently now it has introduced Terrax the Tamer. Earlier they had released Mole man this month.


Terrax who is also formerly known as Tyros once ruled Lanlak city. Galactus who was impressed by his brute activities decided to take him as his Herald. One of the important abilities of Terrax was his control over rock and earth making him a crucial addition to the force.

In the game he is given the ability to create a rock field which can be used against the opponents. The longer the rock field lasts more will be the damage produced. Also another interesting feature is that when it is active he gains Indestructible Charges and can withstand damage.

This feature is also the weakness he has, once the ability is over he is more prone to damage and deals less harm to opponents. Terrax also has many immunities such as shock and bleed. In addition he is also immune to Power Drain, Power Steal, Power Burn, Power Lock and Enervate effects from Metal Champions.

Marvel Contest of Champions can be downloaded from Play Store and App Store. Also it is a free to play title with in app purchases