Land of Angel: Chaos Origin Is Now Available For Pre-Registration In the SEA Region

Land of Angel: Chaos Origin, a Fantasy 3D MMORPG game inspired by Western Myths, which features realistic and grand world of magic using 3D Technics and dark style aesthetics, has already crossed over 80K Pre-Registration on Google Playstore in the last one week itself.


Key Features of Land of Angel: Chaos Origin

Harvest the Joy of Governing- Be the Most Powerful Lord in Land of Angel

When it comes to an excellent mmorpg, solo boss and team challenge are indispensable, and Land of Angel:Chaos Origin is no exception. It continues the random map & loot as well as different dungeon difficulties, making players have more fun! Also, it add more bosses with diverse skills, higher HP and shifty attack modes to improve the experience of Boss Challenges. Due to strategic gameplays,  Players can not only focus on boss loot, but also on the group cooperation and classes match.

Original PVP-- Logic& Tactics

On the basis of its battle system, except for auto-battle mode, this game also provides several distinctive PVP modes that requires not only logic thinking but strategies. During PVP modes, you need to choose the right God Servant to help to defeat others. Also, if you have enough preparation in advance, such as figuring out skills and pets of rivals, then can gain supremacy in combat.  Top of Heaven, Hell Battlefield, and Peak Duel, all those PVP features will make you experience fierce fights!

Land of Angel: Chaos Origin Is now available for Pre-Registration for both Android and iOS Users, You can Pre-Register for the Game Via Google Play Store or the official website of the game.