LifeAfter Opens New Map Area - Mount Snow

LifeAfter, one of NetEase Games’ most downloaded and played survival mobile games is today revealing a new map section called Mount Snow. At the foot of the snow-covered mountain lies the base of Scientia, which has lost all activity and order and is now instead filled with a dreadful silence. It is up to the survivors to uncover its hidden secrets.


Upon entering Mount Snow, survivors will be facing dangerous challenges.

A Dangerous Search Deep into the Spider Cave

In the deep and dark spider cave, the situation is touch and go. Survivors will have to work together with members of the Caravan and Scientia to safely escort the little Olivia out of the cave. Clues for your escape are hidden in spider web cocoons that can be found in every corner. Be careful! Both creatures and spider web will make it extremely difficult to find your way out!

Surprise Attack! Protect the Girl from Abduction 

There was an unusual silence at the foot of Mount Snow, where the Scientia are stationed. When members of the Caravan and Scientia arrived with Olivia, they found the base’s Scientia members were all dead. As they prepared to investigate the situation, a large number of zombies began to swarm the base from outside. Suspiciously, the zombies seemed to be trying to take Olivia... During the chaos of the battle, the little girl was once again taken by Oades!

Olivia is in Danger! Final Battle at the Landing Field

The appearance of Oades is suspicious, but in the heat of the moment, with Infected Spiders showing up in force, survivors have to stop the girl from being taken! With an ever-increasing number of Infected Spiders and the spider web gradually entangling, the rescue mission is in a dire situation. But there is no time to hesitate. Olivia’s safety is hanging by a thread!

Where will Olivia end up? What is Oades plotting? In the fog of truth and justice, we must not stop searching for answers.

- PR Provided by NetEase Games