Call of Duty Mobile is Getting Another New Map In April-May 2020

Most of the players are never happy with the developers of Call of Duty Mobile; some believe the game is not balanced, some feels the lack of content in the game. But one thing which we all can agree to is that Tencent and Activision regularly add content and new features into Call of Duty Mobile, which has kept the game interesting.


In the last Community Update on Reddit, the developers have once again made a huge announcement that they are working on another Map. They further shared a short Sneak-Peak Clip of the new map, which you can have a look at below.

Going by the voice of the community, Most of the players believe that this is the ‘Meltdown’ Map, which has been tested for quite some time on the Call of Duty Duty Mobile Private Beta Version.

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The developers have further stated that they will reveal all information about this new upcoming map in Call of Duty Mobile sometime in March or Early April. So are you guys excited for this new in-game map of call of duty mobile?