Top Free Mobile Games Released In 2020 So Far

Two Months of 2020 has already past, and hundreds of mobile games have already released. But obviously, all of them are not worth playing. So what are those Top Free Mobile Games Released In 2020, which you should try?. If you are looking for an answer to this question, you are in the right place. Today in this post we are going to share with you our list of Top Mobile Games Released in 2020, So let’s Begin: 


Extraordinary Ones

Extraordinary Ones is NetEase’s Take on the MOBA genre. Like any other MOBA in this game, you will face off in a 5 v 5 battle with players from all around the world. The objective is to destroy your enemy’s base before they destroy yours.

What’s best in extraordinary ones is the excellent graphics. This game comes with its own style that looks like it came straight out of an anime. In short Extraordinary Ones is a great MOBA.

Warface: Global Operations

Warface: Global Operations is a simple multiplayer FPS game. The game focuses mainly on TDM game mode – two teams of up to 5 players get to face each other inside an arena, which has been specially designed to give a balance battle experience.

Each round in the game runs for 4 minutes, which offers a short but thrilling experience. Some of the maps request your team to complete special objectives, such as capturing certain areas of the map to win.

In between matches, you will have the option to use your experience points and currency to upgrade your weapons. What’s best about this game is that the developers regularly keeps adding new content to it.

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Magic: ManaStrike

Netmarbel’s Magic: ManaStrike is a real-time strategy in which you have to defeat your opponent using all the cards on your screen. The gameplay Magic: ManaStrike is very similar to Clash Royale. Your aim is to destroy your opponent’s ‘planewalker’ and defend your own.

To use cards, you will need manna, which you will automatically earn with time. Keep in mind to upgrade your cards in between battles to increase your chances of winning future battles.

To conclude, Magic: ManaStrike is an excellent real-time strategy dueling game that offers excellent visuals, a good variety of units, and a few new additions to the traditional Clash Royale mechanics.

Might & Magic: Chess Royale

Might & Magic is Ubisoft’s take in the Auto-Battle genre. The game takes place at the Might & Magic universe. As a player, the first thing you have to do is create a team of units and heroes. Once you are all set, then you will have to compete against 99 other players in the real-time 10-minute knockout tournament.

Emerge as a winner and climb of the ranking ladders in Might & Magic: Chess Royale. Winner will also be rewarded with more gold. (In-game currency).