Light of Thel: Glory of Cepheus is an upcoming anime style RPG for mobile

Light of Thel is an action-adventure game set in an open, expansive world. It features gorgeous cartoon-style animation, great visuals with a cute and colorful cast of characters and a variety of game modes.

There are 5 classes to choose from which includes the invincible Omni Warrior who can take and deal out a lot of punishment, the mighty Rune Mage who wields devastating area-of-effect spells, the Elven Archer who is agile and dishes out massive amounts of single-target damage, the super sneaky Shadow


Assassin who uses stealth to kill and lastly the Holy Priest who provides supportive buffs. Each class is unique and you can swap them around in order to gain the full range of combat experience.

light of thel 2There are many powerful bosses to be challenged but defeating them single-handedly won't be enough you also need a proper teamwork treasure and powerful equipment can also be gained as you keep raiding the dungeons. As you progress you might even get you own battle pets, each with their own unique skills to aid and protect you on your journey. Customize your appearance with plenty of diverse equipment sets and fashion items.

light of thel 3If you want to take some time off battling you can relax by fishing and the land of Thel is full of fishing spots where you can even discover some precious treasure. Mining is also one of the spots where you can find some leisure time.


Light of Thel is now available on App Store and Play Store to pre-order until the game releases on 26th February.

light of thel 4

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