Gameloft's Overdrive City is now available on Android and iOS

Gameloft's Overdrive City is a city building and racing game hybrid which was dropped last December and was available to pre-order for mobile devices but it is now finally available to download for Android and iOS.


Manufacture over 50 famous car models from Porsche, Ford, BMW and other top brands and compete in a challenging racing career mode. Building your own tycoon city by building dozens of decorative automobile items, including custom streets featuring curvy asphalt raceways.

Export shipments and manage mechanic repair orders to expand your motorsport business beyond your city. Assemble stunning automobile showrooms in your town to celebrate your love for cars.


Upgrade your car to improve top speed and performance on the streets and race tracks. Customize your whip with a stylish design using the vinyl editor and play with the palette of colors to choose the best paint for your vehicle. Compete in a 6-chapter racing career mode with over 60 races and test yourself in racing trials featuring 1,000+ extra races.

You can even choose to trade cars and automobile parts with your friends to optimize the factory production in your car town. Visit a friend's town to explore their top cars and check out their city builder progress. Climb the leaderboards to earn unique rewards for your town and cars by competing in various racing events.

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Overdrive City is now available as a free-to-play title on App Store and Play Store.

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