Loop - The Distress Call is a text-based space adventure game now available for iOS

Loop - The Distress Call is a story driven text-based from Advenworks which is finally available for iOS. It is an interactive story in which every little choices change radically the story. Your behavior and your bonds you build with the character will deeply affect the outcomes.


You receive a distress call from a crew member called from Althea Young who is the only member in her malfunctioning ship while the other crew members have been infected by a mysterious sickness. You will be constantly communicating with Althea to understand what's happening and assisting and guiding in what to do next or where she is suppose to go next and help her in discovering various clues.

The story will lead to multiple endings and your decisions are crucial. You need to keep your behaviour in check because if you are rude to Althea she will stop communicating with you and you will have to wait in real time so that she can calm down but during this time a lot of time has already wasted so anything can happen and it will eventually affect the ending of the game. So even the smallest interaction can have fatal consequences.

loop 2

Loop - The Distress Call is a premium title available now on App Store.

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