Shadowgun War Games Character System Explained

Developed by Madfinger Games, Shadowgun War Games is a 5v5 action First-Person Shooter (FPS) in which teams of heroes, each one with unique abilities, fight across various game modes to become War Games champions. This is a free to play multiplayer game that is set in the Shadowgun Universe and will be available for both Android and iOS devices on 12th February.


Shadowgun War Games offers to the players 5 different characters and each of them with unique abilities. So it is essential to understand the character system to be a perfect team member. 


John Slade is, without doubt, the most notorious of all the Shadowguns, interstellar soldiers of fortune. A veteran of many battles, his wits, and combat abilities make him the perfect soldier and a force to be reckoned with in War Games.

Special Skills:

  • GRENADE – Throw a grenade that damages enemies upon explosion.
  • REGENERATION – Inject yourself with painkillers, recovering a small amount of health.


Always on the move, always running. For Jet, time is everything… Although not the strongest of War Games contestants, Jet relies on his speed and quick thinking to outsmart his opponents instead of attacking them head-on.

Special Skills:

  • BLINK – Teleport a short distance in the direction you are looking.
  • TIME RIFT – Transport into an alternate timeline where no one can harm you.


Short for Sentient Android Robotic Assistant, SARA has “lived” many lives and has countless talents underneath her metal frame. Equipped with a rocket launcher and powerful support abilities, she always has her teammates’ backs.

Special Skills:

  • HEALING BLAST – Throw a grenade that heals allies upon detonation.
  • PROTECTION DOME – Deploy a protective dome, absorbing enemy fire.


Cynical and deadly, Willow went to hell and back to become one of the galaxy’s top snipers. Chances are, if she’s your opponent in War Games, you’ll be dead before you even see her.

Special Skills:

  • FLASH MINE – Deploy a mine that will blind any enemy that steps on it.
  • SUPERCHARGE – Charge your bullets with energy, causing extra damage for a short duration.


A member of an enslaved alien race, Revenant, had to exchange a part of his soul in order to care for what he holds dear. This resilient cyborg full of rage and regret is now one of the most terrifying contestants War Games has to offer.

Special Skills:

  • ROAR – Slow and disorient players in a 90 degree arc in front of you.
  • INNER RAGE – Increase your movement speed and reduce damage dealt and received.

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