Pascal's Wager Gets an Android Release Date

In our very last post, we informed you about the global release of Pascal's Wager for iOS users. But what about android users? When will Pascal's Wager release on Google Playstore? If you have these questions in your mind, then you are in the right place. Because today in this post, we are going to answer this very question.

Today whenTipsWorks announced the release of Pascal's Wager, it even talked about the Android release of the game. On the official webpage of Pascal's Wager, an announcement has been published which states that Pascal's Wager will launch on Android devices in Q2 2020.


Android is known for its wide variety of models, and in order to bring Android gamers the best possible experience, we plan to launch on Android in Q2 2020 after we've had enough time to make sure it works flawlessly across as many devices as possible.

TipsWorks (Developer Pascal's Wager)

Some more information about Pascal's Wager Android Launch:

  1. An android beta test of Pascal's Wager will launch before the global release on android.
  2. Extra rewards for android version will be provided. (Similar to the iOS Terrance costume!)