Naruto: Slugfest Gets A Closed Beta Test – Download Now

Hello Mobile Gamers, HYDROGEN HAPPY LIMITED has finally relaunched after 6 months, the Closed Beta Test (CBT) of Naruto: Slugfest. The closed beta test has been released for the European countries: Belgium, Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland, but even if you are not from any of the countries and still want to play the game, we are here, you can also download and play Naruto: Slugfest from the link given at the end of this post.


[Edit (28/12/2019): Naruto: Slugfest Gets Second Beta Test]

Naruto: Slugfest is the world’s first 3D MMO Open World Game which is adopted from Naruto and is created under the supervision of Shueisha, Studio Pierrot and TV Tokyo. This game takes the players back to Konoha and makes them feel this new adventure in this popular manga series. You reunite with Sakura, Naruto, Kakashi, Sasuke and the rest of the characters which are created by Masashi Kishimoto.

The Closed Beta Test (CBT) of Naruto: Slugfest has been released on 12th November and will last till 19th November. Players from Europe can download and play Naruto: Slugfest Closed Beta Test.

Click here to Download from Google Playstore

If you are not from any of the European countries, you can download Naruto: Slugfest from this Alternate link.

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