Set On A Journey Of Self-Discovery In 'Alter Ego'

Offered by Caramel Column, Alter Ego is a game that tests you, your personality and your decision making abilities through a set of questions. It's emotional and eventually, at the end of the game, it might have an impact on you depending on how you react towards the game.


Its a clicker so most of the time you will be clicking on "whispers" which are thoughts or feelings which will then get you EGO. This EGO then can be used to take personality tests. The game has multiple endings so it depends on your answers and interpretations and how do you want to take the story forward.

The game visually is not that colorful but it suits the theme on what this game is based on. It has a beautiful narrative with its Japanese art which is amazing. Alter EGO is for those who are interested in literature, philosophy or psychology. If this game sounds fun to you do check it out on Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

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