Everything About Call of Duty Mobile 'Holiday Draw'

The latest update in Call of Duty Mobile brings a lot of fantastic content. 'Holiday Draw' is one of the new features added into the game. This draw provides the players to try out their luck to win Crazy emotes, Gun Skins, and Tavo Rojoas in Garden Nomad uniform by spending some CP.


But we will recommend you to go through this article in details as in this post; we are going to share with you all the details of Call of Duty Mobile Holiday Draw. So Let's Begin:

Activity time: 20/12 08:00 - 2/1 23:59

Event rewards: AK117 - Holidays, Nomad - Garden, other limited weapons and more!

Items that have been drawn will not be drawn again, and the CP required for each lottery will increase with the number of draws.

The amount of CP consumed by the lucky draw:

  • First Draw: 80 CP
  • Second Draw: 80 CP
  • Third Draw: 160 CP
  • Fourth Draw: 320 CP
  • Fifth Draw: 800 CP
  • Sixth Draw: 800 CP
  • Seventh Draw: 1,600 CP
  • Eighth Draw: 2,400 CP
  • Ninth Draw: 4,800 CP
  • Tenth Draw: 7,200 CP

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  • Legendary grade (orange) items include: AK117 - Holidays.
  • Epic grade (purple) items include: Nomad - Garden, Emote - Holiday Magic, Frag Grenade - Snowman, Backpack - Holidays, Winngsuit - Holidays
  • Rare grade (blue) items include: Knife - Candy Canes, Chicom - Aurora Borealis
  • Uncommon grade (green) items include: BY15 - Jack Frost, RPD - Jack Frost