Strikers 1945 classic By Mobirix Is Available For Pre-Registration

Hello Mobile Gamers, do you remember those days when initially games started been introduced to mobile devices? If yes, then you must be aware of the games of Strikers series, which made debut in 1945. mobirix has come up with the same concept in its title 'STRIKERS 1945 classic', which makes you experience the same old style game in the 20th century.


STRIKERS 1945 classic offers you six types of fighter aircraft, each of them with unique skills. You can use special skills by pressing 'Super Shot.' There are various 'P' items in the game; using them can increase your weapon power. If you have ever played this genre games, then you can start your game with full power from the beginning itself by choosing 'FULL POWER START.'

You can also get the bomb items while playing, which can be used at the moments of crisis to turn the tide of battle. Every time the enemy hits you, your weapon power level gets decreased by one, which can be increased again by using the P items. As there are different types of aircrafts available in the game, and each of them with unique attack types, so you get to experience different gameplay experience using different aircraft.

The control system of STRIKERS 1945 classic is very simple, you need to drag your fighter aircraft around the screen to aim at the enemy, and it fires automatically. 


STRIKERS 1945 classic is available to pre-register on Google Play Store.

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