Apple Has Rejected To Feature PewDiePie and Bulbware's Poopdie

Poopdie is a mobile game, developed by Bulbware and with some inputs from the famous YouTuber PewDiePie has been rejected by Apple for release on the App Store. Apple has rejected it by stating that "[Poopdie has] crude imagery and sound effect which may disgust users." The developers planned to release Poopdie on the iOS App Store on 12th December. 


If you are not aware of the game, let us tell you, In this game, your task will be to try helping the world remember how to poop again, mostly by completing quests and destroying sentients, evil bottoms that will stop at nothing to destroy poopie.

In the game, Poopdies is not a fighter; instead, he relies on his poopcrafting skills to stay alive. He mixes different foods, poops them out, and then they function as a specific unit type.

Section 1.1 of Apple's App Store review guidelines state that "apps should not include content that is offensive, insensitive, upsetting, intended to disgust, in exceptionally poor taste, or just plain creepy." Based on this provision, Apple decided to reject the game.

Bulbware has appealed to Apple's decision by making a appealing statement on its official blog. Now it is highly unlikely that you will get to play Poopdie on iOS devices in 2019. Android users can download Poopdie from the Google Play Store.

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