IGG Has Released Lost Stones For Android Devices

Hello Mobile Gamers, IGG has released its mobile puzzle Role-Playing Game (RPG) 'Lost Stones: Aya's Prophecy' for Android devices. For iOS devices, the game will be made available on 18th December 2019. This is a match-3 RPG that is set in an expensive mythical world.


The story of the game is based in the magical floating world where the goddess Aya used the power of stones to maintain peace and harmony. When Aya ran out of the strength, she scattered the six stones across the world with the prophecy: "The one to gather all six stones shall be the founder of a new age..." Now you are one of the stone hunters; how will you change the world...?

Lost Stones offers to you Match-3 puzzles, Exhilarating Adventure Story, Unique Characters, etc. You can also build your base of operations. You can even unite and fight with stone hunters from all around the world.

You can download Lost Stones from the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

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