Mousetrap Games Brings 'Run The Beat' A Rhythm-Based Platformer For Android And iOS

Run The Beat is a very adorable and cute looking rhythm platformer by Mousetrap Games in which you play as a character named Noty, who's on a journey to retrieve his headphones from a wizard who has forcefully stolen from him. Here is the trailer of the same:


The game involves various actions such as jumping, rolling, and swiping, so you need to work according to the music. So if you have good knowledge of music and the beats plus if you have great reflexes, then you might have an edge in this game.

There are 31 levels in total where you get to destroy and dodge through obstacles; also, there will be five difficulty settings so that you can have more fun and test yourself. You also get two extra modes like chill and arcade.

The chill mode is basically for those who want to take things slow, gradual, relax, and stuff. And arcade is for those who wish to high paced action. Things might get tricky in the arcade because you need to pay attention to the musical hints as well as the music in this will be quick.

Even before this game hit the stores, it won the Big Indie Pitch at White Nights Berlin 2019 since it got the perfect combo of music and a platformer. This game is free to play on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

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