Garena Free Fire To Get Some Awesome New Things In Upcoming Update

Hello Survivors, currently Garena Free Fire is running on 1.41.0 update and is soon going to get an update. In this post, we are going to share with you some awesome things which will be added in the Garena Free Fire in the next update. We have got these leaks from the FREE FIRE GAMER'S ZONE YouTube Channel.

Free Fire Gamer's Zone

There will various things be introduced in the Garena Free Fire in the next update, which are discussed in detail below.

Skull Hunter Costume

Skull Hunter costume is a legendary costume which will be made available in the game with three levels. The level of the dress can be increased by killing enemies while wearing it in a match. The items of the costumes cannot be obtained separately, all the things are available in a single package.

As you might be aware of the thing that legendary costumes can only be obtained in Special Royale or Lucky Royale. As soon as the dress will be made available, you will get to see z new royale in the Luck Royale section.

Two types of spins will be there in the game, one is the normal one and another is the spin with increased luck value. There is also a luck bar that fills with luck value that can be increased by doing spins. The luck barincreased the chances of winning any legendary item.
[PS: Players who do not make diamond transactions frequently have the high chances of winning any legendary item]

On level one, the dress looks simple but as the level increases and it reaches to level three, it becomes a perfect combination of a coll and dangerous costume.

Weapon Royale

AK 47 & Grenade Skin - Skull Hunter: A new skin of AK47 will be made available in the game which increases the damage by 2 and reload speed by 1, and decreases the range by 1.

A new skin of the grenade will also be introduced in the game which is based on skull hunter costume. This skin is expected to be made available only through Legendary Royale only.

Auto Rickshaw Skin: Last skin for Auto Rickshaw in the game was released on Diwali. This new skin has already been made available on the Indonesian server and is expected to be introduced on the Asian server in the upcoming update.

New Event

In this new event, two skins 'Space Soldier' and 'Space Ops' will be made available in the game. You will get the skins by doing spins and the chances of getting them are based on your luck.

Top-Up Event

This event has also been made available on the Indonesian server, in this event on doing a top-up of 500 gems you get a dress and a Red Diamond.

On the Asian server, there are only diamond and gold gems available but there is nothing like a red diamond. We are not sure about the use of red diamonds but they are expected to be a temporary currency in the game.

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