Call of Duty Mobile Gets a Rocket Only Mode

After sniper only game mode, many Call of Duty Mobile players requested for a Rocket Only mode in the game. And it looks like the developers have heard the voice of the players.

Garena, the publisher of Call of Duty Mobile has announced a limited time rocket only mode to be added in Call of Duty mobile on 1st November. They even shared a short teaser video announcing the same.


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However no such announcement has been made for the global version of Call of Duty Mobile, but as we all know Garena is more active in releasing content, the sniper only mode and other limited game modes were also released by Garena 1-2 days before it was released in the Global Version of the game.

So it means the global players will also get to play the Rocket Only mode in Call of Duty Mobile, but it can take 1-2 days more.