Ride Out Heroes Is the Next Big Battle Royale Game Which has Just Globally Released

NetEase Games is probably the most experienced Mobile game developer in the Battle Royale Genre. The Company already have released many known battler royale games, such as: Cyber Hunter, Rules of Survival, Super Mecha Champions, Creative Destruction, Knives Out, and the list keeps ongoing.


But what is new is NetEase is once again jumping into the Battle Royale Genre with its brand new game 'Ride Out Heroes, ' which is a mix of MOBA and Battle Royale. Have a look at the game's trailer to get an idea about it.

Ride out heroes have just been globally released, and players from anywhere in the world can download the game via Google Playstore or Apple Appstore.

About Ride Out Heroes: Ride out heroes is a multi-class fantasy battle royale game that offers a totally new and interesting experience when combating your enemies–by making combinations of fantastic hero abilities and weapons in a battle royale game. This heroes-based game consists of fantasy elements such as revival or mounts, etc.