Call of Duty Mobile Sparrow Skill And Airborne Class Leaked (Halloween Update)

Halloween update has already arrived in Call of Duty Mobile, and we are pretty sure you must be enjoying the new themes, and spooky music. But wait that's not it, Call of Duty Mobile is getting more unique game modes, new operator skills, new scorestreaks and much more in the next coming days.


But the COD Mobile community couldn't wait, and they have not only found out but shared videos and images of the two main important thing which is coming next in Call of Duty Mobile Halloween Update. One being the new operator skill: Sparrow Skill and the other being a new Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale class: Airborne. So let's learn more about them.

Sparrow Skill

Sparrow Skill is a brand new operator skill which will unlock on 21st October for all the players in Call of Duty Mobile and during the Halloween Update and then stay forever in the game.

What is it exactly? Sparrow Skill will fire devastating charged up fire arrows, the longer you draw the Sparrow, the more powerful the arrow will be.

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Airborne Class

As of now, in call of duty, mobile players can choose from Clow, Medic, Defender, Mechanic, Ninja, and Scout Class while playing the battle royale mode. But soon, Activision will be adding another class 'Airborne' to the game.

Well, the class will be unlocked during this Halloween update or at a later date, that is still not confirmed. So that's it for this post, MobileModeGaming will see you again with more latest Call of Duty Mobile news and updates.