Minecraft Earth Beta Period Has Ended

After being in a beta version for a long time, it has come to an end. Yes, the Minecraft Earth Beta Period is now officially over. But that is a good news, because this might mean as announced in the Minecon 2019, it’s time for the Minecraft Earth Early access version which was promised by Mojang to release in October.


The Minecraft Earth Early access version is expected to have features such as Adventures, Crafting, and Smelting, etc. Well as of now we don’t have any official confirmation as to in which countries will Minecraft Earth first rollout. But it might be yours, so make sure you Pre-Register for the game. 

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About Minecraft Earth: Minecraft Earth is an upcoming augmented reality sandbox mobile game developed by Mojang based on the video game Minecraft. It was first announced on 17 May 2019, and will be available as a free to play game on Android and iOS smartphones.